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Our Approach

We see the design process as a craft. A tool based practice with skills that are honed with experience.

Crafted Design was formed with a simple philosophy of designing pieces and experiences with personality and soul. We maintain a strong emphasis on practicality and commercial viability and try to innovate wherever possible.

We are a young team of designers and we all love what we do.  We have a lot of experience with start-ups and love a new challenge.

Give us an opportunity and we'll show you our craft.

Core Values

Design With Soul

We love it when you pick up a product and you discover something unexpected - not for the sake of being unexpected, but something clever, an added element of charm, or simply the embodiment of an interesting idea.

This extra element that is waiting to be discovered is what we aim for with all of our design work.


Less is More - More or Less


Life can be so complicated, but sometimes it really doesn't have to be.  We try to simplify things where we can, without making silly sacrifices in functionality or aesthetics.  We love a good solution, and the more simple and intuitive we can make it - the better!

Results Matter

We have a very strong drive to make things work.  While lots of things might look pretty on paper, we are always focused on what we can make a reality.

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Always Observing, Forever Learning

To say we are obsessed with how things work and how they are made would be an understatement.  We are constantly expanding our knowledge base on a daily basis out of pure interest. We are humble enough to know we'll never know it all, but we're very quick learners when we need to be.