Flexibility in How We Work

Crafted Design is a Creative Agency that is driven by solving problems.  We understand that different problems require different solutions and often different approaches. For this reason, we have a very flexible attitude with how we deal with our clients and projects.

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Creative Services

Time-driven Projects

This is the most straight forward (and the traditional) method.  We spend an amount of time on a project and we charge accordingly.

We always give an estimate of time and provide detailed reports as to where time is spent.  We generally work to a designated amount of time and only charge for the time spent.

Creative Services

Result-driven Projects

This is our fixed-price option.  We understand that you need to work to a budget and sometimes you aren't that interested in 'how you got there'.

We provide fixed prices based on a clearly defined scope of works within a reasonably agreed time-frame.

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Creative Services

Projects with an Interest


We work a lot with start-up companies.  Often with start-up companies, there is understandably a need to restrict capital expenditure. At the same time, there is a need for a wide range of creative services.  We aim to be a one-stop shop for product-based start-ups, where we provide a whole range of creative services (see what section) with the know-how of where to focus your resources.

This is a case-by-case scenario, where we can offer lowered rates for any of our creative services which are in turn subsidised by some form of interest in the project.  For this arrangement, both parties sign an agreement with a clear scope of what will expected from all stakeholders.  In short We believe in our work enough to invest in it.

Creative Services

Projects with Heart


We invest in charitable projects that we believe in.  Our resources are limited, but we are happy to donate our time to causes that we believe will make a difference.

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