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We are a creative agency that caters for the third dimension. Our chalk and cheese is product, furniture and lighting design, with a strong focus on commercial viability.  Over time, we have evolved as a team that can provide a whole range of complementary creative services (full list below).

We love what we do and we're here to deliver results.  If it turns out that we can't help you, chances are that we know someone who can.

Services Overview

Product Design

We work in the third dimension to create products for both small-run production as well as mass production. We design for a market, not our own personal tastes. Let us show you how we can add value to your product line-up.


We understand the need for prototyping.  Whether it is 3d printed, CNC machined or made by hand, we can deliver to any prototyping requirements.

Product Visualisation

We can visualise your product in a range of different colours and materials before the product is even prototyped.  We use the latest technologies to provide photo-real images which can be used for internal evaluations, or external communication.

Product Animations

Communicating a design and how it works can be difficult.  To digitally communicate a product and how it works can be best achieved by creating an animation.

Design Documentation

We can provide all of the documentation needed to manufacture or communicate your product to important stake-holders.

Manufacturing Sourcing

We can source your product's manufacturing locally or from overseas.  We can find the right supplier for your business, that takes, price, quality and volume into consideration.

Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services for both print and web based applications.

Website Design

We can design websites large and small.  Whether you need complex functionality or a simple landing page, we make websites an incredibly cost-effective tool for your business.

Brand Design

We take a holistic approach to branding.  From the company logo, to the product's aesthetic, we can apply consistency across all mediums to achieve strong branding results for your business.

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Whether you are an existing business, a product-based start-up or a fellow creative - we'd love to hear from you.